One of our aims is to attract and retain great people.

To achieve this requires lots of things to happen.

They include a strong and diverse culture, a culture of high performance, opportunities for career progression and a caring and compassionate ethos. 

We also need to reward our colleagues for playing their part in creating a successful organisation.

At Princes, we offer competitive salaries, benefits and job security. Many of our colleagues have grown with Princes and have enjoyed exciting career progression.

Offering the right rewards and benefits means we are attractive to potential candidates wherever they are in the world, from apprentices to experienced colleagues who join us each year.

We operate a grading structure for all salaried colleagues who can also benefit from our performance-focused Corporate Incentive Scheme.

Local pay and benefits structures are also in place across our global manufacturing sites and they are constantly reviewed to ensure we remain competitive.

We also offer a constantly evolving programme of flexible benefits that are continually reviewed and developed to ensure they meet the needs of a diverse and high performing workforce.

Princes is a high performance business where we expect a lot of our colleagues. It is only right that we recognise their excellence by providing an innovative and constantly evolving suite of rewards and benefits. It is fundamental to being an Employer of Choice.

guiding the way we work and the way we treat our colleagues.

working together to ensure a culture of continual improvement.

setting the standard for looking after today’s and tomorrow’s colleagues.

providing a vibrant environment of learning and development and career progression.

creating a strong and engaged Princes community in which everyone matters and is listened to.


Princes offers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic business that invests in our people. Come and be part of our future. 


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