Everyone’s performance at Princes really matters.

Creating a successful organisation with a winning performance culture requires a commitment to excellence from everyone who works in our business.

We want our colleagues to work hard, to care about the business, and to be passionate about and take pride in their work.

Every single colleague can make a difference and only by harnessing our combined strengths can we foster an environment of continuous improvement and achieve our collective goals.

A high performance culture is critical if we are to continue attracting and retaining the best talent – something that is essential to be a successful and growing organisation.

And we’re not shy about the fact that we focus on performance at all levels of our business. It is set out in our values and is something we talk about regularly. Continual feedback is vital to keep learning, developing and improving.

Whether you are starting your journey with Princes or have been a valued colleague for many years, we will provide you with a clear role and responsibilities. You will also receive the learning, development and support that you require to have a successful and fulfilling career.

We want our colleagues to enjoy their work and to feel empowered to take decisions.

In return, we ask our colleagues to take ownership and responsibility for their own performance and want to give their best every day for themselves, their colleagues and for our business.

Everyone has an important role to play in helping to ensure Princes is an Employer of Choice.

guiding the way we work and the way we treat our colleagues.

creating a strong and engaged Princes community in which everyone matters and is listened to.

setting the standard for looking after today’s and tomorrow’s colleagues.

providing a vibrant environment of learning and development and career progression.

rewarding achievement through flexible benefits, incentive scheme and peer-to-peer recognition.


Princes offers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic business that invests in our people. Come and be part of our future.