Our health and wellbeing has never been more important and it is a high priority for our business.

Princes recognise the importance of having a strong Health & Wellbeing strategy. The Coronavirus pandemic has given us a chance to check that ours meets the needs of the organisation and our colleagues now and in the future.

It is essential for lots of reasons. It enables colleagues to perform at their best. It helps them feel good about themselves. It helps attract new colleagues to our company. Most of all, it shows that we care.

A great Health & Wellbeing strategy should benefit employees, nurture heightened levels of employee engagement and inspire a workforce where people are committed to achieving success for themselves and their organisation.

We have worked hard to develop a Health & Wellbeing strategy that is representative of our diverse workforce wherever they work and whatever their job role.

It is also aligned with our vision to be an Employer of Choice, one which fosters a culture that inspires engaged and high-performing colleagues.

We already work closely with an occupational health partner, helping us to maintain a healthy workplace for colleagues, and an employee assistance partner providing colleagues and family members with access to confidential support.

We will continue to hold events aimed at supporting the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of our colleagues.

Alongside this, we have various projects underway looking at how we can work smarter and enhance our work/life balance including looking at the workplace of the future and increased flexible and remote working where it is appropriate.

We want to start meaningful conversations and help colleagues to seek support when they need it. It’s important that we all look out for each other and show we care

guiding the way we work and the way we treat our colleagues.

working together to ensure a culture of continual improvement.

setting the standard for looking after today’s and tomorrow’s colleagues.

providing a vibrant environment of learning and development and career progression.

rewarding achievement through flexible benefits, incentive scheme and peer-to-peer recognition.


Princes offers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic business that invests in our people. Come and be part of our future.