One of the most modern and efficient ambient tomato processing facilities in Europe

Foggia in Southern Italy is home to Prince’s tomato and pulses processing and packaging plants. It is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Covering a vast 500,000 square metres, our factory processes over 300,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes every year.

To ensure the highest quality, our fresh tomatoes are picked locally and travel just a short distance once harvested for processing at the plant.

Our delicious Italian tomatoes, beans and pulses are a key ingredient in our Napolina brand, the UK’s number one Italian cooking brand.

There are over 140 products in the Napolina range alone all featuring our trademark quality and attention to detail.

Our site employs over 500 people all year round but during the tomato season (July-September) this can increase to over 1,500 in order to quickly process the crop.

The provenance of our raw materials is very important to us – we display a QR code on every can of Napolina tomatoes so consumers can read the story of the quality and sustainability of that product.

Having a transparent supply chain is very important to us.

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