Business Management - Establish and maintain relationships with the key technology stakeholders, perform internal customer research, perform competitive analysis and product development and selection, drive alignment amongst stakeholders, work within product budgets, bring products/solution to the internal market, refine and improve products.


Product Delivery Management – act as keeper of the vision, define product and solution roadmaps, coordinate business and IT resources, determine suitable product lifecycles.


Resource Management - oversee product delivery teams internal and external, coordinate with other product delivery managers, ensure best possible use and prioritise use of all resources to deliver the maximum value and benefits from projects and programs within the portfolio.

Service Delivery Management – plan support models, oversee, develop and support 3rd and 4th line support models.



  • Providing products and solutions for Enterprise and End User Core across all Princes Group Operations worldwide.

  • Part of the IT Senior Leadership Team.

  • Manage a total team of up to 5 people.

  • Management of key implementation projects with an asset value of up to £1 million per annum

Principal Responsibilities


Business Management
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the key technology stakeholders, managing budget and product development, making decisions regarding product capabilities and priorities.

  • Perform internal customer research as a means of gaining insight into the "voice of the customer." Use this insight to define the product or solution direction and how internal customers would gain value from product capabilities.

  • Perform competitive analysis and product selection processes.

  • Facilitate and drive alignment among key stakeholders. This will help the business achieve its goals and objectives, according to a shared view of product priorities. Part of defining the roadmap is defining a release strategy, from early prototypes, through minimum viable product (MVP), to the first and subsequent releases. This is subject to frequent change as with any agile delivery process.

  • Work within the product budget established in consultation with business sponsors and product-line management by balancing resources across customer and market research, competitive analysis, vision development, and prototyping, but primarily to sustain product teams to deliver and maintain the product.

  • Define, track and communicate key product performance indicators as required to inform this process, and track business results.

  • Bring the product/solution to production ensuring that the business and IT is prepared to deliver and service the product throughout its life cycle. Ensure that the organization is prepared to deliver and support the entire business capability (including all of its human, organizational, process and technology aspects).

  • Continually monitor and refine the product while in market. Ensure that Service Management is performing correctly.


Product Delivery Management
  • Act as the "keeper (and communicator) of the vision" to translate the product strategy and vision developed with business stakeholders into what the product team must bear in mind every day to ensure they are building the right product/solution.

  • Define the product roadmap based on business outcomes.

  • Collaborate and coordinate with product delivery teams. .

  • Collaborate and coordinate with other product delivery managers within the function, to manage dependencies and ensure technical and enterprise architecture compatibility. Be responsible for managing the strategy and roadmap for their platform, based on the requirements and roadmaps of all the products that depend upon it.

  • Coordinate with other stakeholders such as business, and IT resources.

  • Build and deliver business cases for investment in core solution and applications.

  • Manage 3rd Party organisations to deliver solution outcomes supporting business objects. Manage and deliver migration to internal and external service providers.


    Knowledge, Skills & Experience


    Knowledge / Education


  • BSc in Computer Science.
  • Knowledge of SAP Technology and Basis.
  • Knowledge of VMWare Technology.
  • Knowledge of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions such as Citrix and VMWare Horizon / Workplace.
  • Knowledge of VMware Device Management solutions (MDM/EMM)
  • Knowledge of AWS Cloud platforms
  • Knowledge of core technologies of SQL Server, SharePoint.
  • Knowledge of collaboration tools and technology (Teams, Zoom, Webex)
  • Have knowledge or experience in implementing Enterprise and Core Applications.
  • Deep understanding of cloud, hybrid and on premise enterprise technologies.
  • Previous experience of modern End User Computing solutions and technologies.
  • Strong understanding of workplace technologies and possible solution outcomes.
  • Understanding of Enterprise systems and solution architectures.
  • Broad understanding of business processes associated with all aspects of an FMCG manufacturing operation.
  • Project management skills from concept to delivery.

Additional Key Behaviours


  • Business Acumen and Enterprise Knowledge

    • Solicits information on enterprise direction, goals and strategies to inform development of product strategies

    • Understands the key financial drivers and dynamics driving business growth, and the organization's business goals

    • Promotes decisions and recommendations for product strategies that are clearly linked to enterprise and business unit strategies and financial goals, reflecting awareness of the market context

    • Is sensitive to rapidly resolving issues that arise among products and platforms (both within the business unit and between multiple business units) in a way that balances product and enterprise goals.

    • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

  • Building Relationships

    • Establishes and maintains support from key stakeholders within and across relevant business units to identify, then achieve, product objectives and outcomes, consistent with the relevant cultural norms

    • Solicits advice, support, sponsorship and commitment to product success across relevant parts of the organization

    • Builds both formal and informal professional networks among relevant internal and external stakeholders and influencers, in a manner designed to maximize the success of the product

  • Technical Knowledge and Proficiency

    • Understands — and is able to operate within — the domains of any core technologies that the products in this area require to deliver capabilities.

    • Is effective in translating technical language into business language as needed to bridge the gap between business and technical professionals engaged in the full product value stream.

  • Outcome Driven Orientation

    • Engages business units and enterprise management on resolving trade-offs of scope, priority, business and technical risk, and business impact of dependencies among multiple products

    • Embeds with product teams as needed to ensure full transparency and no surprises, keeping product stakeholders up to date with the latest on delivery status, product risks and scope changes

    • Is resourceful, and takes calculated risks to achieve results

    • Is driven, but not so much as to derail important relationships

    • Is obsessed with product quality, staying deeply immersed in product deliverables and releases to ensure no surprise



  • Significant relevant experience in IT within the Technology, Digital, Infrastructure and Operations domain.
  • Significant experience in diverse roles and increasing delivery responsibilities across business and IT.
  • Demonstrable experience of engaging executives and other stakeholders to support important technical and business decisions.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the product and solution management approaches.
  • Strong technical background in Enterprise and End User Infrastructure and a wide understanding of the emerging Digital Workplace.
  • Proven experience in delivering end user experience transformation using mainstream information technology solutions.



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