Valeria Tibollo

Case Study – Valeria Tibollo – Health & Safety Manager, Italy

Being Health & Safety Manager for Princes in Italy is a busy role.

Our site employs more than 500 people all year round but during the tomato season, from July through to the end of September, our numbers can easily increase to 1,500.

It is my job to make sure that everything from risk assessments and inspections to safety audits are carried out so our colleagues can work in the safest possible environment.

I have daily meetings with the productions team and also deal with health and safety matters with our contractors.

Out of the peak season is the time when we focus on additional training, maintenance work and updating safety documentation to ensure we comply with the strict Italian legislation.

One of my proudest achievements is closing the 2020 season with the lowest number of reported incidents ever.

“I was really proud to receive a Pride in Princes Award for my Covid-19 prevention work during March 2020.”

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