Serena Federico

Case Study – Serena Federico – Buying Manager: Italian Products, Liverpool

I moved from Cambridge to Liverpool in 2012 when I was offered the job at Princes as a Forecasting Manager for BV – the European business.

I had just finished a Masters and it was my first experience of working for a big company. The role in Forecasting gave me the opportunity to understand the company’s systems and processes and it put me in contact with lots of people from different countries.

I stayed in that role for six years until I went on maternity leave. When I came back I got a second promotion, this time in Retail Forecasting where I worked closely with UK retailers including Morrisons and the Co-op.

In 2019, I was promoted to a Buying role and am now a buyer for Italian products including pasta, grated cheese, pesto and pizza bases. It’s my job to ensure that our ingredients are bought at the best possible price. One of my proudest experiences was securing a deal with a pasta supplier which saved the company £600,000.

I love my job. It’s exciting and I have great responsibilities. I am in contact with our suppliers on a daily basis to discuss everything from contract issues to prices. I follow the durum wheat market to keep me informed so I can challenge suppliers if a price is too high.

I also support internal colleagues in Marketing, Sales, Stock control, Logistics and Technical.

Being able to interact with colleagues across lots of different departments like this has boosted my confidence and self-belief. It has also helped me to understand that, whatever your role at Princes, you are part of one big family.

“If you believe in yourself with determination and dedication, then anything is possible within Princes.”

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