Case Study – Sean Galvin – Year 4 Shift Maintenance Engineer

I’m in my final year as an engineer apprentice and I work at our EOL site in Erith. My main duties are reacting to breakdowns as well as looking to perform improvement work on the production lines.

Whilst at school I knew that sixth form was not for me so, when I left school, I started an engineering apprenticeship elsewhere. Unfortunately, this did not work out for me, but I knew engineering was going to be my chosen career path.

When this apprenticeship at Princes came along, I wanted to grab it with both hands. Princes & EOL  have a solid pathway with useful supporting lines to help me achieve my goals and ambitions

The apprenticeship has helped me become the engineer I wanted to be. I have learnt so much and I am still learning. I believe I now have the skillset to learn what I need to do with ease, whilst having a base level knowledge to help me solve any issues I come across in my role at Erith.

Throughout my apprenticeship, my colleagues have been great and have helped me develop my skills, in particular learning how to look at problems in a more structured way before I pick up my tools. In my early days I would rush in to changing things in order to be able to solve them, now I review the situation first.

The experience and the main skills for life I have gained are from being on the job while working towards my qualification. This has been invaluable in my development.

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