Lydia Beswick

Case Study – Lydia Beswick – Marketing Manager

I started at Princes in 2017 on our Graduate Scheme after completing my degree in French and International Business.

When I joined I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to focus on Marketing, Buying or Sales so it was great to spend time in all three areas on the graduate programme.

A key part of the scheme was the graduate training programme. It covered different modules each month ranging from negotiating and influencing, stakeholder management and prioritisation tools. This, along with a weekly one-to-one with my manager, meant that I felt fully supported and could track my development.

After completing my time in all three departments the company was very supportive about which commercial function I felt was best for me so that I could be as prepared as possible for when roles were advertised.

I particularly loved my time in the Princes brand marketing team so it was an easy decision for me to decide where I wanted to specialise.

I am now a Marketing Manager for Princes brands and I focus predominantly on their digital, social media and online presence to ensure there is consistency across the portfolio. I work closely with the sector teams to achieve alignment across the brand.

I’m delighted that the level of support in my career progression remains the same and there are plenty of opportunities for growth. Training is also ongoing. As I transitioned into my marketing manager role, I had on-the-job training from our agencies on social media reporting, e-commerce, website and media training to widen my knowledge.

I feel as though people want to see you achieve your potential at Princes and I have had a lot of support since I joined. As the business becomes more innovative there have been significant opportunities to explore new areas of marketing, which is very exciting. A key example was the launch of our first direct to consumer initiative on Princes brand, which we launched during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Princes has been great for my career progression.”

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