Luigi Nigro

Case Study – Luigi Nigro – Junior Buyer, Italy

I joined Princes in 2014 as a seasonal worker, moved across into logistics and I have now worked my way up to become a Junior Buyer.

Because I have worked in so many areas of the business I’ve got a really good view of how the entire factory works from when the raw materials come in to how they leave us as finished products.

On a typical day I come into work early in the morning and start talking to all our vendors to make sure that the agreed quantities and quality of raw materials are on schedule.

Princes has supported me throughout my career and, even though training was more difficult during lockdown especially when we had to work from home, I’ve had lots of phone and video call training.

I am so proud of the products we make in Italy. The Napolina range offers one of the most extensive collections of Italian ingredients.

When a British customer picks up a can of our tomatoes in their local supermarket they would be amazed at the complexity behind every single can.

For example, all of our sun ripened tomatoes are picked locally in the farms surrounding our Italian tomato processing factory. They are sustainably and responsibly sourced and ethically traced.

An incredibly high standard of quality and attention to detail goes into making every single product here, giving our customers an extensive choice of delicious ingredients with a flavour of the Mediterranean.

“Princes is supporting me with my career ambitions.”

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