John Owen

Case Study – John Owen – National Account Manager, Liverpool

I joined Princes on their Graduate Training Scheme.

In the first two years I spent eight months at a time rotating across Sales, Marketing and Buying and gaining real experience. You are definitely not just making the tea!

I quickly learnt everything from how to negotiate and how to raise contracts to the best way to have discounting conversations with suppliers.
The support network is brilliant and as well as having a direct line manager I was given a mentor. Now I’m a mentor to other graduates, passing my experience on and helping them to settle in.

I really value the company’s support and their ongoing sales and leadership training which is both on the job but also provided by external trainers. I feel my personal career path is bespoke to me and is being taken seriously.

My role is diverse and interesting and there are new challenges every day. My best day so far? It has to be a particularly tough negotiation with a leading British supermarket chain.

I successfully sold them 400,000 new cases of product with a price increase and I felt incredible afterwards.

I came to Princes after completing a Business & Computer Science degree at Liverpool University. A friend of mine had done a sandwich course here and recommended it as being a great company to work for. It’s a brilliant organisation to start your career at.

“Thrown in at the deep end, you learn so much. It’s an exciting place to work.”

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