Case Study – Arslan Hussain Apprentice Engineer, Bradford

I have been with Princes Bradford since 2016 after arriving
in the UK from Pakistan. It is my first job in the UK.

I started as an agency worker, operating on the D8 line but
I’ve moved around to many different lines since then. After 11 months I had
learned four lines from beginning to end so I was thrilled and excited when I
was offered a full-time role, working directly for Princes.

Princes is a great place to work because everyone works as
one team, helping each other and being supportive.

Since starting as an operator I’ve been a Team Leader in Production
and also did a spell as a stand-in Manufacturing Team Leader on several lines.

In 2020 I saw an advert for engineering apprentices. I am a
professional mechanic by trade, so this was an opportunity that was perfect for

I am now in my second year and I am really enjoying the
role. I also enjoy the college side as I’m learning more things about
engineering every day.

It has been a wonderful move for me and my family. I’ve spent
six years at the Princes factory in Bradford learning the machinery and the mechanics of how it all works so I know I can make a positive contribution to
the team.

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