Becoming an employer of choice

The continued evolution of our People Excellence Strategy has seen the launch of our new employer brand: ‘Our Princes – Our People’ and this is a highly significant milestone on our journey to being recognised as an employer of choice.

This iteration of our People Excellence strategy has been purposefully developed  to make us more attractive to candidates considering a career with Princes as well as to existing colleagues who want to play their part in a high-performance business.

To be an employer of choice depends on a whole number of things but not least upon the right culture, behaviours, systems and processes to be firmly embedded in everything we do within Princes.

This, in turn, requires every colleague to be invested in the journey we are on as a company.

We have therefore developed six pillars to underpin our People Excellence Strategy. They are:

Our Values – guiding the way we work and the way we treat our colleagues.

Our Performance – working together to ensure a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Our Health & Wellbeing – setting the standard for looking after today’s and tomorrow’s colleagues.

Our Rewards – rewarding achievement through flexible benefits, performance based incentives and recognition.

Our Community – creating a strong and engaged Princes community in which everyone matters and is listened to.

Our Journey – creating a positive experience by providing a vibrant environment of learning and development and career progression.

Together, they form the benchmark which will determine how successful we are in becoming an employer of choice.

Achieving such a prestigious status does not happen overnight. It requires inspired and innovative leadership and the commitment, dedication and passion of everyone at Princes.

By becoming an employer of choice, we also give ourselves the best possible chance of delivering on the Princes vision of ‘Proudly helping families to eat well without costing the earth’.

Our industry and the world around us, politically, economically and socially, continue to change at a remarkable pace.

Princes also continues to change and adapt whether that is in terms of our vast range of products, our manufacturing and technology capability, our global supply chain or our commitment to sustainability.

Over 7,000 colleagues are already playing their part in the Princes story, helping us to maintain a high-performing, fast-moving and dynamic working environment.

Come and be part of our journey.

By Joe Dent, Group HR Director